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a slight move, then still a touch of a smile, said Yes Far more than the PMP fifth order of the fighting, with your father Long forehead shed the cold sweat, and did not answer. Sasser the devil just blinked his eyelids only, PMP it exam let him use so many means to be wo.rthy to stand down, if the sprinkler really full shot, then the dragon may not even three strokes can not withstand. Well Sprinkle the devil waved his waving, a mournful screams came, behind the blood pool, a unit of blood rolling filled, condensed into a bloody monster. Dragon s heart slightly dengkou about, muddy devil before the attack was only tentative, and this time the bloody monster, will be extremely terrible You are not quick to go Dragon again toward them again, immediately lifted his right foot on the ground a hiding on the ground. Heavenly seal to cut, cut the magic of nine To my dragon in the name, call the dragon soul, cut the demon Dragon decided to quickly waved his hands PMI Certification up, between heaven and earth floating a stock without the main dragon is rapidly cohesion The Huge r.oar Huge dragon shadow from the top of the emerge, bursts of Dragons ringing the world, then dive down, stopped in the dragon behind the decision, waiting for

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