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ple Oracle Certification say that leaves fall, as long as you have the piece of meteorite, you can return to my Home. The old man looked at the dark sky. Young Zh.engyu can not fully understand the old man s words, but he understood that only the body of the stone to the elderly, the elderly can go home. He put his little hands in his pocket, took out the meteorite, said Grandpa, to you. This is yours, God can let Oracle Certification you pick up this meteorite, also assigned to your mission, but also doomed The decrepit will go ashore on this planet, and remember that you will bring the meteorite to you at any time. Xiao Zhengyu like to understand the old man. The old man once again said to the night God, ah, this two hundred years, I saw the development of the earth, God since the mission to give you, decrepit can not be selfish, the child you optimistic. Finished the old man picked up a branch, flying in the night, I saw the moment to shake the mountain. For a long time, the old man and his sword together with the disappear.ance of the night. Leaving a silly sitting in a daze of small Zhengyu. After that night, Oracle Certification it exam Xiao Zhengyu has been with the meteorite side, but also can not forget the old man s se

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1Z0-418 Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources 2014 Essentials Oracle Oracle Certification