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Able to maintain the relationship with the pure feelings of people, in this world is not no, but after all, very rare is not Of course, in this detail, Liu Huagui actually can Magento Certified Developer take care of his emotions, this situation he still means. So he smiled and said to Liu Conggui said Liu brother, because you took some time in a hurry, my brother I have Magento Certification not had time to children eight to you to congratulate, another day we are free, you have to reward a face, Let my brother come to Qiwei to give.you some time to celebrate. Good to say, Liu old land, that we say so For him to more than a year into the two steps in the fly, Liu holding expensive but not hesitate to pay the next section. Unfortunately, Liu Huagui and Yu Fei between the agreement, to the last did not make a trip, because two days later, seven Miss Zheng Yi, hurried to Xu Rujing to fly to Qiushui Pavilion to go. Halfway, flying curious asked Xu Explorer, seven Miss so hurriedly called me in the past, in the end there is something to find me A Magento Certified Developer it exam look of dignified Xu Rujing shook his head, matter is important, I can not casually casually chew the tongue, to Qiush

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