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ce is flush. A face constantly rubbing Lin Dong, eyes closed is fascinated by people. To me Suddenly, his legs instantly taut, his face has been like a bleeding. Muttered, breathing plus. This is Lin Dong felt, the eyes are full of.dignified. His face was covered with a layer of dignified. This kind of thing, two snakes constantly wrapped around his legs, how do she not know Huanhuan want to do. Whether it is their own and Wan or Xiao Mei or ice, when it is necessary to reach the critical point, they will be like this. Finally, look at the uncomfortable Huanhuan, can only sigh EBS it exam again, the right hand toward the front of the double peak into it, which makes the joy of Jiaoqu instant moments. The fourth chapter of the embarrassment of the red a more This is how the matter Lin knocked a few times Oracle Certification the door, actually did not hear a little bit of sound. This mak.es his brow slightly wrinkled, and then their own roots that some people find fault. And now, actually no trace of the sound. Boom pound Once again knocked a few times, EBS or no sound. This makes Lin s brow wrinkled more tight, and will not be anything. Needless to say, the right hand into a spiritual power, in front of the door has been opened. There is nothing messy here. When Lin Dong s figure came into the office when the brow wrinkled more tight. The o

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Z0-519 Oracle EBS R12.1 Inventory Essentials Oracle EBS
1Z1-519 Oracle EBS R12.1 Inventory Essentials Oracle EBS